Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on a Smartphone?

Crypto mining involves solving complex mathematical problems on high-tech computers with powerful hardware and software. Does it mean that those with smartphones can’t mine cryptocurrency?

Even though crypto mining requires one to use high-end computers, those with smartphones can also mine.

Does it sound strange to you? Let’s find out how it works.

Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on a Smartphone?

How Crypto Mining on a Smartphone Works

To use a smartphone to mine a cryptocurrency, you’ll need to install crypto-mining apps on your device. These apps are specially designed for android users to allow them to mine without spending much money.

The crypto mining app enables you to join a mining pool and then earn rewards from mining activities.

However, these apps are not effective as the mining software and hardware on computers. This means a miner using a smartphone will not get as many benefits as those with computers with powerful tools.


The Crypto Mining Apps for Smartphones

Before downloading the crypto-mining apps from the Google play store, the first thing you need to do is to ensure you’ve constant access to power.

This is because some of these apps consume high energy, which requires an electric connection to prevent your phone from going off before getting your crypto reward.

Secondly, you’ve got to register your account on the website before you can download the app to your phone.  But ensure your smartphone is an android powered phone, allowing you to join an android mining pool.

The apps for mining cryptocurrency on smartphone include:

Minergate Mobile Miner

This app doesn’t require a lot of energy to work, and it allows miners to mine not only to use bitcoin but also several altcoins. It has over 2 million bitcoin miners globally and uses the hardware chip on the latest smartphones to operate.

Bitcoin Miner

This is one of the first smartphone mining apps that have better performance features. It enables miners to mine bitcoin on their android phones. The bitcoin miner has two mining pools; PPLNS (pay-per last n share) and the SMPPS (shared maximum pay per share).

So, miners get to choose the type of bitcoin miner ideal for them or switch to any at convenience. It’s easy to use and has a tremendous performance track according to users’ reviews.


How to Mine Cryptocurrency Using Your Smartphone

You can participate in crypto mining through your smartphone as a solo miner. However, this is never easy to do as using a smartphone will take you time to earn a reward from the competition.

Alternatively, you can join a mining pool. Every crypto mining group has members, with each having its size. So, you need to consider the group’s size before joining as it will determine how much fees you pay, the payment frequency, and the reward technique.

A mining pool with many members regularly pays, while those with pay per share policies have a fixed amount to be paid after submitting the share of a crypto block. The score-based mining pools only pay a percentage of the share they weigh when they offer the share.

To be a member of an android mining pool, you’ve got to register and pay for it, which varies from place to place.