Frequently asked questions


Review our frequently asked questions for commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions about our services feel free to reach out to our team.

Is a cryptocurrency exchange place? is not an exchange platform. We are a hosting provider that allows you to mine crypto currencies by hosting with us.

Where does host miners?

We host our miners in state of the art datacenters, that provides ample cooling, secure networks , redundant internet and electrical power.

Can I make money with your miners?

Ofcourse! Our main objective is that our clients are profitable with any miner we host.

Where are my crypto coins stored?

Your coins/cryptocurrency are stored and sent to your wallet of choice.

Does replace miner parts for free?

In the event a part fails, we will source the part for a fee and replace it for you. This is part of our maintenance plan.

How long does it take for my setup?

Our in stock miners have an estimated setup time of 5 business days when in stock.

What is the monthly cost of hosting after first year of service?

This depends on the type of miner you have, Contact us for more details.

What warranties or guarantees do I have?

If you purchase the miner from us the warranty you get is based on manufacturers warranty. Thereafter you pay a monthly maintenance and electricity fee. There are no guarantees. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and fluctuates daily. Therefore all our prices are subject to change without notification.

Can I get bulk discount on bigger orders, if more than 3 miners are purchased?

Yes please contact us to discuss further.

Can I host my own miner at your location?

Yes you can! Different fees apply.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by Crypto, Wire Transfer & E-Transfer